6+ pekin eggs


14 Years
Oct 8, 2009
northeast corner al
6+ pekin eggs. they come from non-crested stock. i have 1 drake and 1 hen. they are healthy and robust. always raring to get out in the mornings and ready to come back in at night. i currently have 1 blk indian runner hen with them, but she is not laying. her eggs always come out greenish for some reason. so they will be pure. i have had an 80% hatch rate this year. so egg will be fertile. i will include all that i have collected 3 days before to 3 days after.

i am also willing to trade. i am looking for
straight runner--any color
buff ducks
standard blk cochins.

the shipping will be priority flat medium box. i will bubble wrap each egg. i feel the box to bursting with shredded paper, so the eggs won't move around. i will provide tracking number and delivery conformation. i have had good reviews of my shipping method.

i also sell on ebay under the same user name.

i accept paypal

contact me for more information.

here's some more pictures of them.


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