6 *possible* blue Cuckoo green-eggers for $15.00 from SC

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  1. Hi! I just set the first of these here last week and all are growing, so fertility is good.
    They are Cuckoo and blue Cuckoo bearded green-egger hens with a nice blue Ameraucana roo --- (Ameraucana x Barred Rock) X Ameraucana.

    They should be able to be sexed at hatch --- boy-chicks will have a head-spot and girl-chicks no head-spot.
    Girl-chicks could be blue, splash, or black and boy-chicks could be Cuckoo, blue Cuckoo, or splash Cuckoo.

    If one is interested in breeding *toward* Cuckoo Ameraucana, I'll include a couple of eggs from the blue/splash/black Am's (that is my goal).

    Only one offer available.
    Please post sold and PP $15.00 to [email protected].
    I'll ship Sat for Mon delivery.

    Here is one of the Cuckoo green-egger hens:


  2. ajablu

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    Jun 28, 2008
    Northeast, PA
    I am emailing you! I would love to get some more of your eggs. We got such a nice variety and they are all beautiful!
  3. Feathers Acres

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    May 31, 2008
    [​IMG] Im always too late, I would totaly take these!

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