6 Pullets, 1 Cockerel for sale, WA

Oct 20, 2020
I have 5 easter egger/olive egger pullets and one easter egger rooster for sale if anyone is interested in starting a flock. They are about 4 months so they are coop ready and should be laying by springtime. I also have a rhode island red pullet available as well that could go with them too, I'm 90% sure she is laying currently. I'm in Yelm, WA.

They can go separately if necessary but i'd really like to find the roo a home because he's beautiful and really good with these pullets.

Pic is of the rhode island red but I can get photos of the easter eggers tomorrow if anyone is interested.


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I'm interested in them but not the Rooster (we have rooster already and not sure how he would do with other roos). We are up in Kingston, but don't know when I could make it to yelm.

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