6+ Pure Silver Sussex LF hatching eggs


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These beauties are Greenfire Farm lines, pure Silver Sussex, no splits. Everyone that visits the farm is amazed at what gigantic, beautiful, gentle chickens these are. Even my husband was impressed when I brought these home! I have lots of chicks on the ground, so I am offering some eggs for sale. I do send extras as laid. Of course, no one guarantees hatch rate on shipped eggs, but we do individually wrap eggs in bubble wrap and package carefully. I generally ship priority with delivery confirmation at the first part of the week, Tuesday this week. If you have any questions, please pm me. Thanks for viewing my auction, Deb


Edited to add, I have one order to fill before i can ship.this breed, so likely they will ship not Monday coming, but the following Monday.
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Hey Aspen, you should see them up close! Even DH was impressed and he is not a big fan of chickens:-D
I bet they're stunning!

We had some company over today and I had all my chickens roaming around the place and my big Light Sussex rooster was strutt'in his stuff and they were really impressed with him! He knows he's hot and shows it off a little too much I think!


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