6 Rare Blue Bantam Salmon Faverolle Hatching Eggs


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Dec 30, 2008
This is an auction. Pls place bids under reply. Do not PM for bids. Starting bid is 25.00 with bid increments of 1.00. The auction will end Sunday 1/15/2012 at 5pm Easten Standard time.. The highest bidder at that time will be the lucky winner of these ultra rare hatching eggs.
Up for your consideration today I have 6 fertile hatching eggs from my Blue Bantom Salmon Faverolle flock. From this breeding you may hatch blue, splash, salmon, black or white. My breeders, I consider SQ, very nice toe spacing, gorgeous beards and muffs. I will be showing them in Feb, as they are just now old enough to show. This is a very rare chance to add this endangered breed to your backyard flock. My farm is NPIP certified Ga# 1094. Shipping will be 14.95. Thanks for looking and good luck!
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