6+ Silkie Eggs Partridge, bbs and white

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    Up for auction is 6++ Sizzle eggs. I'll send all the eggs I collect in 3 days. These will go out on friday 12/30.

    Each egg will be bubble wrapped and secured upright in a Priority box. I also include delivery confirmation. Payment is expected immediately at end of auction. I only accept paypal only. My paypal addy is [email protected]
    I do not ship outside of the United States.
    I can not guarantee hatch rates due to circumstances in shipping and incubation methods.
    I can not be responsible for the eggs once they're in the hands of the post office. I do my best to resolve any issues the post office causes though.
    Hatch rates here are good and updates from customers state that their hatch rates have been very good and fertility has been 100%.

    The parents are:
    MJ a grey silkie roo
    Pricilla a white sizzle with a few black spots on her
    Noel a laced grey sizzle
    Moe (front blue) Curly (left blue) and Elvis (back black) the calico roo is no longer in the pen.
    Elvis a black sizzle with very thin lacing on her hackles. It's not even noticable in the pic
    Curly and Elvis
    Goldie (i'll get a better pic today)

    And these are just some of their babies. (I'll get better pics today)

    Thank you for looking

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