6+ Silkie eggs


11 Years
Sep 10, 2008
Lakeland, FL
This is for 6+ Silkie eggs from a mixed color pen. All the birds are breeder/show quality BUT are all being housed together until I get their new pens built, which means you could get mixed colors. The roos are white, splash, and blue. The girls are white, blue, black, splash, and 1 buff/lavender split. I also have a blue frizzled Silkie, but I think she's too young to be laying yet. I need to get some new pics, but here's an idea of the birds. PayPal only please.


You can send a MO if you want. I usually only do PayPal so the eggs don't get too old, but I can throw a batch in the bator.
I have a friend here at work that has a paypal account and I can use hers. I will send you the money. I am going to be receiving a batch of eggs tomorrow. Do you have eggs to ship out tomorrow so I can put them in the bator at the same time?

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