6+ Splash Marans Eggs For Sale


11 Years
Aug 15, 2008
Salina, Utah
I am selling 6+ fresh Splash Marans hatching eggs. My eggs are a 5 on the darkness scale and are medium sized. I just hatched out chicks from this same pen and they're all healthy and strong. I will send any extras that are available on shipping day. These eggs will ship out on 10/11. I pack very well and have never had a broken egg reported. Unfortunately, I can not guarantee your hatchability with these eggs due to circumstances out of my control during shipment. I CAN guarantee fresh, fertile, clean eggs from healthy, young, well cared for, purebred Marans chickens. Happy Hatching!!



love your splash maran . Do you get eggs every day . do u take money order? r posted money order if you do i can sent one friday the 8 . thank you gary
One rooster and one hen are feather legged, the others are not. It's a toss up on what will hatch. I wish they were all feathered too, but I emailed Bev Davis and asked her what the correct leg color was for the splash Marans and she replied "Blue" (slate). All the chicks I have hatched from this pen do have the correct leg color, an attribute I have found hard to acquire in any splash Marans I have considered buying stock out of. Apparently my blue legged roo is passing his legs right along to his chicks.
Nice birds. Hmmm. Salina, huh? I'm in Las Vegas and have had horrible results with shipped eggs. I can't hatch out any now but I think I may pm you in the future for hatching eggs if it's okay with you. I have family in UT and could perhaps bypass the shipping.

Hi there Emily! I have a sister in Vegas! PM me anytime for some eggs! Marans are a great breed to work with, really mellow. I just came in from watching mine for a while. We just acquired two new roosters and we're trying to decide which one we like better.

Keep us in mind when you're ready!
Happy Hatching!
If anyone is having troubles bidding, please let me know as some problems have been reported.
My boyfriend has been wanting these for a long time. Let me know if you have any more for sale after this auction. I will drive to come get them.

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