6+SQ Ameraucana Blue/ Black eggs


11 Years
May 10, 2008
Bryant, Ia
Up for auction is 6 eggs out of my SQ Ameraucana Standard eggs. The Rooster and two of the hens are black and I have two blue and one splash hen. The chicks will either be black or blue no splash. The eggs are a beautiful blue green color. Fertility has been almost a 100% on these eggs but there are no guarantees. I carefully bubble wrap each egg and ship only the freshest eggs and I will ship any extras at the time of shipment. Shipping will be a flat $12.00. I accept pay pal and credit cards and I will take money orders.
Hi Laurielynn, any chance you'll have more of these in a couple of weeks? I'm working on getting a better bator, but I sure would like some of those.

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