6 Week Age Span Integration - Success Story?


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I had been reading this forum for a year, and built my coop and run, before getting chickens last fall. Integration seemed one of the hardest management issues to deal with.

Because of what I read here, when I built my coop I partitioned off part of it in case I needed segregation space and to integrate additions to the flock. Jr Rooster spent the winter in the partition, was dinner a few week ago, now I had to get it ready for the newbies.

Have 9 chicks from 3 weeks old to 9 weeks old, was NOT the plan - but oh well, was not sure how I would integrate but I think I've gotten thru the worst of it....until the main flock integration! Had them in 3 different brooders sections in the house, separated by wire so they could see each other, because of some bloodletting and just space issues.

Been putting the to oldest groups (2 week age span) together in a temp pen in the yard for a few hours each day for a couple weeks and they seemed to work out their differences after a couple days, still some pecking but no blood drawn. The youngest had their own yard pen.

Decked out the coop partition today with a new roost and poop board, fixed the babies cage with a baby size only entrance so they can come and go as they please(almost) and be able to escape the bigger birds if needed. Everyone's getting along pretty good and it's SO nice to have them out of the house!!

As soon the littlest's can't fit thru 2x4 fencing, the little's cage will go or move and they can go out into their run (separate from the main run but close by which I am still working on) and will put a door in the partition wall for the youngers to venture in to the main coop.

Babies in their 'safe crate':

Coop Partition Wall...might add door for main flock integration:

Temp outdoor pens in front of main run:

Indoor brooders, fridge box divided for 2 youngest groups, large dog crate for oldest pair:
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