6 week old buff orpington. Sex?


6 Years
5 Years
Jan 23, 2014
Etowah County, Alabama
We have our very first set if chicks! Sorry this post is a duplicate. I posted in the wrong place first. We are sooooo new here! ;). Our beautiful 6 week old buff looks rather manly. We would appreciate your opinion. Thanks!

I would feel the legs. If it is a he you should feel at least the bumps of the spurs coming in..... Easiest way i have of sexing them....
Yep boy. And as for spur buds...our buff roo is 22 weeks and has no spurs...I don't think that's a good indicator at all.
By 22 weeks there definately should be a noticable spur bump. I did say to run the hands down the legs to feel for the spur bump. I have had orps before and am not new to poultry. Combs and wattles are just as definative as feeling for the spur bumps.

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