6 week old chicks getting BIG - when to move them from brooder to coop - Massachusetts


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May 2, 2013
Ayer, MA
I live in Concord MA and have 6 chicks who were born March 20. They are getting BIG! When should I move them out to the coop? I've read 6-8 weeks but I'm concerned about night temperatures. Should I be? I haven't installed electricity in the coop yet, I was going to wait until the fall but should I run a light in there at night? I've been using a regular 100 watt bulb in the brooder (located in the basement) and they've been fine. As they've gotten older, I've provided more ventilation. If I put them out this weekend, will they be OK?
Sharon @ Commonwealth Abbey (Chicken Coop)


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Mar 24, 2013
Actually i put my 6 week old chicks in the coop already but i do put in a lightbulb at night because we have this small opening in the coop with no closing.


Fire Is Catching
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Feb 20, 2011
6-8 weeks is about right. If you have warm temperatures in the day, you won't need the light. At night you might want to put a light on depending on where you live.


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Mar 14, 2012
Central Texas
I start putting mine outside in a little temporary pen at 5 days old when sunny and temps above 65 for a few hours a day. At 2 weeks old they spend all day outside unless temps fall below 50. At 3 weeks old they go to the coop.(if it's an empty coop) with a light if temps fall below 55 at night. If my coop is full of adult birds I build a temporary pen and shelter inside the chickens run. This way the adult birds get use to the little ones. Between 4,5,and 6 weeks I set them all loose with the adult birds. Get you chicks outside as soon as you possibly can. They need dirt and grass under their feet. They need sunshine and air. When I hear about birds being kept inside in a brooder until 6,7, and 8 weeks old, I just have to say, "that's wrong". I can see if its bitter cold and there's no shelter. But get them outdoors as soon as they are able. When exposed to the elements they feather out very fast.
I have 6, 3 week old Bourbon Red Turkeys, a variety of standard 3 week old chicks, and a couple of 3 week old Old English Game Bantams that are going out full time this weekend. I'll post some pictures to show you what I talking about.

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