6 week old duckling coughing and sneezing


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May 31, 2012
Crocker, MO
Hello ya'll,

We have 3 almost 7 week old ducklings, 2 Cayuga, 1 Pekin (we are not sure of the sexes, judging by voice I think the pekin is a male and the cayugas are 1/1. they live in a 5'x5' brooder, at this point they don't have the heatlamp on anymore because they seemed to try and get away from the heat.
They sit on pineshavings that we change at least once a day.
they have a small tub that they can dip their heads in and also have a waterer that we ad ACV to. We feed non medicated chick starter and add 1 Tsp of Brewers Yeast once a day.

We recently started to bring their run outside and let them eat grass and run around in the grass a bit, they really seemed to enjoy this and lightened up everytime they were outside.
We were hoping to bring them outside for good very soon. We're finishing the duckhouse by the pond and building a predator proof fence around it, we want to keep them in the enclosure for a few days, so they know that's home and then let them freerange and only lock them in the enclosure at night for safety reasons (we live on 40 acres with lot's of racoons, coyotes, opossums and such.)

Now we noticed that the ducklings are sneezing and coughing, the pekin also seems to be wheezing, but we're not sure if that's not normal (it's the kind of wheeze they do when you pick them up) just that he does that all the time (or at least when we're around).
I've noticed the Peking cough the most.

these ducklings are not too fond of us, they will take mealworms from my hand but if I try to Pet them or pick them up they run away frantically.

they seem fine otherwise...
I will try to make an afford to clean the bin with head dunking water more often - do you think that would make the difference? The little bin (the pekin fills it out completely when he tries to "swim" in it) just gets dirty very very quickly.

Should I add ACV to that too? I've done that a few times but I'm not sure if that's good or not.

Any advice?

Here is a picture of their enclosure that I took today:

and this is them when they were outside yesterday:

My ducklings are doing the same thing and i cant seem to find aby answers on what it is and how to make it go away
This may sound stupid but what is a PM? Im new to the forum

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It may be a good idea to post the problems on the "Duck Forum" too.... so many people there have great advice!
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