6 week old EE - Pullet????


15 Years
Jan 31, 2008
NW Oregon
I have a 6 week old easter egger that is supposed to be a sexed pullet (from McMurray)
this chick now that I think about it has always looked more "male" to me.
so boy? girl?



I don't see anything that screams male at this point. It's beautiful, either way. I have two 9wk EE chicks from McMurray. I thought one was a male from about 3wks, and now I'm sure she's a she. She is just bigger than the other one. My last EE roo was obviously a roo by 8 or 9 weeks. I wish I'd gotten a white one like that.
thank you!
the other chick seems so much more 'girly'
the white chick has always been much more bold, and Oh I SO Much wanted her to be a girl! I can't wait for her cute little white cheek muffs to come back, I think she is very pretty!
I am LESS worried now than I was a few week ago.

thank you!
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that looks like a pretty boy to me. Sorry.

That was about the age with my EE roos that the feathers started to look a little pointier than the girls and that the comb started to get three little ridges of bumps rather than just the one in the middle. Can't tell from these pictures what the comb looks like but if you start comparing to your other EE's combs you might be able to tell!

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