6 week olds getting their eviction notice.


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Apr 4, 2009
I have four six week old BR's and I need to get them out of my dining room. My husband is finishing up their coop today and I ready a lot of the threads on when is best to move them and about temperature and such but I just want to make sure that they're going to be alright. We can't put a light outside in the coop as we don't have electrical out there. And forgive me for being Canadian but the temperature here is (if my math skills don't fail me) 75ish during the day and about 45ish at night. They're going to alright, right?
..."read" a lot of threads...I meant.
Have they had their light off in the house? A week before I evicted my 5 week olds, I turned off the light during the day and turned it on at night because it was still cold out (Late April in NY). I moved them outside and ran an extension cord (actually two end to end) out to the barn for a light. The light only lasted a week or two becuse they stopped using it. Good Luck.
I, too, quit using the heat lamp for 3 or 4 days for my 5 and 6 week olds in the house before I put them in the coop. They were fully feathered, and seemed to do fine despite temps in the upper 40's to 50's at night. I think it's a little stressful for them, new place and all, but they're doing just fine
I've actually been turning it off at night for a couple of days because I figured that was a better representation of how it would be outside. I turn the lamp on in the morning and left it off last night with the window open. They're fine, although listening to their chirping after I turned the light off was amusing. "What's going on?!" LOL!
I was babying my chicks. We moved ours out at 4 weeks because of all the extra packing peanuts, we ran out of space in the brooder. In Michigan it was still in the 30's at night so we had a heat light outside for them. Then I worried about turning the light out, then we had frost and rain and I worried about letting them outside into their run, then I worried they wouldn't go back in to roost at night, then I worried they wouldn't go back into their yard after their first day of free rangeing. First time chicken mom here has learned one thing. I have stopped being so worried and have started trusting my chickens. They are smarter than I thought. They come in out of the rain, or cold. They hide from all large birds flying overhead. The go in to roost every night when they want to. Never after dark. They even went into the yard after free rangeing about an hour before roost time. If it is a little cold the chilly ones huddle up with the turkey to stay warm. So I am trying not to worry anymore. Good luck to you they will be fine. I would have a light ready in case the temp drops to 40 or lower in the first couple of weeks.

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I have two 1 year old hens and two 7 week olds living in my kitchen in a dog crate. For the last week I have been putting them in the big girl hutch for 4 hours a day. Last night I tried to let the big girls in with the little girls but my leghorn puffed up like a turkey and started pecking and chasing the heck out of them. I'm afraid the little girls will get hurt. I know this is normal but I feel bad for them. Should I just let them go out and only pull the little girls out if there's blood? This is my first time with this... Any suggestions?

Alley, you will need to keep them seperated until the younger ones are close to the same size as the others. Your right to spend daytime close to the others but seperate. Good Luck

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