6 weeks coockoo marans cross with EE (I think)


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Jul 29, 2010
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My friend gave me some eggs and we believe that this little one has a rather large handsome coockoo marans rooster daddy and an EE mom ( puffy cheeks). Pretty sure he was the only option for rooster but other hens were mixed in( Amaracana, marans, . It came from a brown egg. what comb is visible looks like a single comb
It is 6 weeks old today. Can you tell me your thoughts on sex and if breed looks ok. Was born mostly grey with a little yellow on head and some black on chest and head. Nice light barring around head and neck is most what I see. Oh and lightly feathered legs. Think the marans can have that.
oh and the one pic my daughter is holding her kinda funny so feathers looked funny in back, just way she was holding chick.




thanks for your thoughts!
I don't see anything that says "boy" at this point, so I'm going to tentatively guess pullet. I'm not 100% positive though.

Does it have a beard at all?
i had some dom X bcm mixes with single combs and the hens all had different sized combs had one with just as small of a comb as this one. i would say you have a pullet. deffently see the coockoo in her, as for the cheecks maybe a small little fluff but cant tell for sure if ee was mom or not
I am for sure seeing Pullet.. you said that she seemed to have a small white spot on her head, all 3 of her sisters had a white spot of varying size on their heads. And all are pullets.
I will have to post a pic of her full sister so you can see what she will likely look like when she gets older...
She seems ALOT bigger than her sisters at that same age!!

I love the fact her dad throws that great blue color!!
here are pics of the half Blue Cuckoo Maran/EE pullet, ( who is Solo's sister) she is at POL so is a good sized girl, she also has the cheek poofs...


-Also in this pic is her other sister a half Jaerhon/Blue Cuckoo Maran pullet



Ok so here is an update... she is 11 weeks old, still EE and Coockoo maran cross and still looks girly so far to me. Would love your thoughts.. and a look at cute cheek poofs!


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