6 Welsummer Bantam Eggs and More!


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You are bidding on six Welsummer Bantam eggs (and more if they are willing!) AND Blue/Black Orpington hens X Welsummer Bantam roo eggs.

The Orp/Wels crosses will be bantam chicks and they could come out blue wheatons or mixed colors. The Orp girls are really nice layers, light tan in color. So they are NOT purebreds chicks. The hens came from Superior Farms and 100% Don Chandler lines in the third and fourth generation back.

Remember the Welsummer Bantam eggs are about a shade or two darker than the Orp bantam eggs. The Welsummer bantam hens are 100% German lines and the Welsummer Roo is also 100% German lines as well.

WINNING BIDDER can make choices either both breeds of hatching eggs or one breed only. Just mention what breed or breeds you want.



Orp bantam girls with last year's Spitz chicks.

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