6am PO calls, my babies are here!!!!!!

terry's chicks

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Feb 15, 2011
Wow they are on the ball. They Shipped Sat. and the postman said they got in at 3am. I was so glad they didn't have to spend another 24hours in that box. And believe it or not. all were alive, I hurried home, made sure I took them one by one to a drink, and within minutes they were all drinking, eatting crumbles I put on the paper towels, and very lively, except one, a RIR seemed strong, but wouldn't open that beak to dring or eat. I had the gel, crumbles, and vit/electrolyte water, so I mixed up some of that with a lttle more sugar and kept sticking her beak in it, making her take some sips, still wouldn't on her own, might have been cold, or tired, but I had to leave for work, my friend was coming over in a couple hours to check on them, but I couldn't stand it and came home from work, all were fine, sleeping and quite, Now I can't tell which one it was, so I guess that's a good thing. The mystery chick is more blackish, smaller than the rest, a little yellow mixed on the top of it's head. I will take a picture and see if anyone knows what it is. Still very nervous and watching them "like a hawk". but glad they are here. Just hope I can keep them all alive.
Yay!!! Baby Chicks!!!

I got them from McMurray. Question this is my first chicks, they are eatting like little pigs, not chickens, I thought I will I ever use up 50lbs of chick starter (26 of them) but now I know. Would it be bad to give them some egg yolks & yoguart? If I did, should I still wait till day 3 for grit? or should I be happy that they are eatting the crumbles just fine?
Congrats!! My 15 babies are 1 week old today and all doing great!! Good luck can't wait to see your pics!!!

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