7 Bantam Cochin Pullets Western NC (no shipping)


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I have 7, 2 blues and 5 blacks, all girls. The blue girls are not as showy, but make good layers and mamas. Ages vary from a year and up. They've all just come off from being broody so not currently laying. The black girls are really pretty. They are all current NPIP tested, but are due to be retested shortly.

Want to sell them as a lot. Asking $50 for all. I paid way more per bird on some of them and they come from a really good breeder/line who has won a lot of shows as a cochin breeder. They are all related. (Am posting this elsewhere as well.)

Located in Marion, NC. My kids no longer have interest in chickens and life is getting very busy so I am going to just get a few standards for egg layers. You'd have to pick up as a former member of the group "borrowed" my pet taxis and never gave them back.

You can see pics here, it's the 5 black hens and 2 of the blue ones, that are for sale.
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You have some nice looking girls.....if only you were closer.....
Thank you :) Always seems to be the problem. ;-) I've sold on eggbid before, but have no desire or time to ship this time. Sorry!

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