7 made it this time!


5 Years
Sep 10, 2014
Warrenton va
Doing the happy dance here. This was such a better experience this go around and I thank this forum for making it happen. We did so much reading this time rather than just following a book we had last time and our hatch was much better. We have a few eggs that never pipped so we are just waiting a day as today is technically day 21. One pipped and zipped during the night and died ;( one pipped yesterday afternoon and died during the night and one more is trying to zip right now. I feel bad that the little guy zipped all the way around and didn't make it. Humidity was perfect. No idea what happened. I have a couple eggs in there now that I don't see any pipping but will leave them in another day I guess just in case. lol
And on a plus note. The kids were not a hot crying mess over the lost chicks this go around.
How long do you all leave the I pipped eggs before you do float test? I'm on day 21 today.
Hello there! Happy for your success. I incubated for a while, but then I just don't have the heart for it. Had alot of success and some heartache too. I'm not good at the waiting! LOL Hug those kiddies for me! They'll feel better when they get to spend time with the little chicks you have now.
This last one pipped last night at 8 and has not really made any progress so I'm sitting on my hands trying not to help. Lol
It's a teeny tiny egg and those hatched chicks are rocking and rolling it all over . What a roller coaster ride for the little one trying to get out .
Poor chicks! Hatching is a life or death matter for them. I'm amazed that they can even get out, being all scrunched up in there!
We got to 7 and nothing else so far. No movement but we are happy with the 7. Maybe next spring we will try again.
I've got a bunch of staggered ages right now so need to get them all integrated before we try again.

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