7 week old Bantam chicks in MA - some harder to find! :)

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    14 Beautiful and Healthy Bantam chicks for sale!!!!

    I have some very sweet and harder to find 7 week old Bantam chicks looking for new homes!

    I have 3 Rose combs. For those who don¡¦t know what a Rose comb Bantam is these three are beautiful solid black with the green highlights. The cockerels have red combs and wattles with white earlobes. They are a small elegant Bantam. I have a Pullet and two cockerels. All are sleek and almost feathered out. They have been held and handled but more prefer to hang out with the other chicks than watch TV with the family ƒº They need a few more months to come into the beautifully iridescent bantams they are. $20 all three.

    I have 3 Cochins. These are one of the most popular of the Bantams due to their beauty, puffball like appearance when mature and good nature. They tend to be mellow and have good personalities. Our three are cockerels and would make nice pets or addition to a flock. One little guy in particular is outstanding and has a lot of personality. All three have been held and tend to snuggle. They are all laid back and easy to handle. All three for $10.

    I have 4 Sultans. These look much like the Polish with the head feathers that look like a big poof but Sultans also have poufy like feathered legs and remind me of a Sharpai dog with the way their feathers look all long and fluffy. I cannot tell which are boys and which are girls but I¡¦m leaning toward two of each as two have some slight pink color where the comb would be. These kids are all white. They are extremely calm and laid back. These are the kid¡¦s favorites to sit on the couch and watch TV with as they tend to just snuggle down and go to sleep or even sleep standing up in some laps. They also ¡§humm¡¨ with a soft purry low sweet song. Very sweet, all of them. 2 for $12 or all 4 for $20

    I have 2 Japanese. These are tiny Bantams but have big personalities! They are like little dogs in personality if you¡¦d like a pet chicken. Both are white with black tails and points. They tend to be short with long upright tails with long feathers on the tail. Both are little boys I believe. When I open the chick set up the Japanese are the first to fly or jump up to the edge and perch on the box and eagerly wait to see what I have for them. They love to sit and watch TV and readily fall asleep. They can be a little pushy if they think treats are coming as they think they deserve first helping! Of all the chicks we have handled to be pet potential these are the only ones that didn¡¦t poop while out! They do like to be stroked and held. Both boys get along well together. $12 for both.

    I¡¦ll be either at the NAS meeting tailgate sales May 3rd in Westford, MA or the TS swap on April 26th in Milford, NH if you¡¦d like me to hold them and bring them there.

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