7 week old chick ran away. What to do?

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by kirkster5, Oct 10, 2008.

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    YAY!!!! I am so glad you found her!
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    I'm happy you found her!
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    Thank God........see........I prayed for her last night.
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    Oh Kirkster, I'm sooooooo happy you found her! I just love it love it when miracles happen!

    She should be just fine now, besides being a little cold & hungry. And now you know to keep them all confined together to let them get bonded to each other & accustomed to their new home.

    I don't know what kind of coop setup you have but you may want to make them some sort of portable pen, a tractor, to allow them to enjoy the outdoor amenities while still being securely confined.

    You can also begin training them to come when you call, there have been other posts about doing this. There's any number of ways, but basically get them conditioned to expect a treat when they come at your signal. I shake a little cracked corn in a can & call "heeere pik-pik-pik!". You don't have to give them much, you don't even have to give it to them EVERY time you signal. If you keep them guessing they'll be more likely to remain strongly conditioned to respond.

    Learn from this lesson but forgive yourselves from all guilt, we've ALL made mistakes with the animals in our care. And thank you for sharing, you've helped us all grow smarter from your unfortunate incident, now new & improved with a happy ending!
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    May 8, 2008
    Quote:Well it's true that we all grown & learn from our experiences but I have to say one of my biggest lessons in life is that just when we *think* we've got a handle on things we're thrown a curve... Hubby & I often joke that the kids, dogs & now chickens were put here on earth to stop our hearts. For example the other day I had allowed my little ones to come out & free rang the back yard *that I was in at the time* & so after a while I was finished in the yard and I had things I needed to do inside so I saw that most of the pullets were in their enclosed are except for 1 or 2 & so I coraled 1 that was on the outside of the fence but when I went looking for the last one I could not find here ANYWHERE... hubby comes home & I'm telling him I've got one missing & so he's now looking too. Every time I stood at the enclosure I thought I could hear her faintly from the inside of the coop but she was not in there. Well I finally kneeled down to look under the coop when I could hear her tapping the inside of the plastic planter she somhow got on top of herself...... This was a picture I'd taken of them the day before & I'd been using it to scoop the pine shavings from the large bag. [​IMG] She was just engrosed in it. I'm teased that I'm a hover but not so much they don't get the opportunity to stop my heart on occassion.... Some times no matter how careful we just can't predict what's coming. LOL

    Oh & Kirkster we all want to see this little one that stopped your heart for a nite. I'll bet she's a real cuties too.
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