7 week old chick with leg issues.


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6 Years
Jun 17, 2013
Deming, Wa
I have a chick I bought from the people that own one of the local feed stores. It was one they hatched from a black bearded d'uccle and there was a few possible father's that were all standard size breads. Pretty sure it was a big lavender orpington. Not sure if that has anything to do with the leg problems but it just started yesterday. I first noticed it's leg shaking and it would fall over every so often and it just got worse over the day. This morning I saw it walk fine, then it started curling it's foot and then go to walk and fall over. There are times it looks like it is just losing its balance and other times it looks like a leg is buckling. Then it will just look like it wants to stand up but has its legs on the ground. And body have an idea what the cause is and what I can do about it???

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