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We have 4 7 week old chicks, a gold laced wyandotte, a black orpington, a new hampshire red and a white one that I can't remember the breed. The gold laced wyandotte, Dumplings, has started going off by herself and sleeps standing up. She is not nesting down and sleeping all cuddling up together like the others. I let them loose today while I worked on their new coop and she just goes off by herself while all the others are chasing each other trying to stick together. She feels kinda warm when I pick her up and the others really don't feel that way.

Any ideas?
Sounds like she might be sick...did she get into something she shouldn't? Is she eating/drinking? Are her feathers all ruffled up? How does her poo look?
I'm not sure what she could have gotten in to. This is the first day that we've let them roam free and she's been acting funny for a couple days. She has become the smallest of the chickens and I was thinking that she'd be as big as the others but maybe not? I've been bringing in the chicks in the house, out of the new coop every night, until it warms up a little but tonight I was planning on leaving them out. I will bring Dumpling back inside tonight though, by herself so we can see if she is eating, drinking and pooping. I hadn't thought to check that. Thank you!
is a common disease that strikes usually 3-8 weeks or thereabouts. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.

It can even happen to older chickens if they are immunocompromised.

You might want to read this document at least a little if you see the following signs:

feathers fluffed up
huddled in a corner by herself
bloody poo may or may not be present
medicated feed may or may not have been fed
acts cold
won't eat or drink
very fast killer- can kill in one day

treatment is very specific- medication.

NYRIR I believe was trying to rule this out before me.
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You are welcome....also,if you could give her some vitamin/electrolytes in her water it may help.Sounds like whatever it is...it's been going on before today.Let us know if she's eating/drinking...
The first night after I started this thread, I kept Dumplings by herself overnight in the house to see if she was eating or drinking. She pooed a little (no blood) and appeared to drink and eat a little. The next day I let her rejoin the chicken club. She still went off by herself, not really wanting to play with the rest of the chickens. She continued her strange behavior, even climbing on top of all the other chickens and trying to sleep standing on top of them (this we thought was strange but had hopes that it meant something good). Yesterday I went out and cleaned out the coop, looking closely for any poo that might have old blood in it. Last night I checked on her before bed and she was sitting by herself while all the other chickens were cuddled up sleeping upstairs. I picked her up, she didn't fight me at all, and placed her with the other chickens because I felt sorry for her. This morning she was definitely dead. The other 3 chickens still appear to be doing alright. My DE came in the mail yesterday and I've started sprinkling it in the coop, etc. I don't know if this will help any but we're a little concerned for the others.

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