7 weeks on


Jan 13, 2018
I posted 7 weeks ago asking if people could pick the sex of my two chicks , most people said too young and post again later so doing that now .
Pretty sure they have the same biological mother , and different fathers

They will be 8 weeks old tomorrow/next day and current photos taken in last two days .

The grey bantam one is called Luna
The Red Frizzle is called Mardi
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I agree, cockerel and pullet. :) Oh GOODNESS, I'm just so in love with their hairdos! :love Those are some first-class cutie pies. ;)


Thanks , they where a pretty good lucky dip .
Luna takes after mums "hairstyle " while Mardi takes after Dad .

PS when I got the eggs we had no idea who where the dads , there are about 12 on the farm that had possible access to the hen.
Having said that I'm assuming the rooster pictured I'd Mardi's Dad , I think you can see the family resemblance. Same with Luna's dad , he's the only no red in the farm and she takes after his colouring
Is the silkie one of the parents? They look like silkie crosses. The red looks like a frizzle. Do they both have black legs/feet and feathering?
No the silkie has no biological links to them , she's just their broody mum, but we are thinking the biological may all Be part silkie . Mum has a crest and both dads have feathered legs and Mardi's dad has a walnut comb.
Mardi (red) has 5 toes , but pink skin and is definitely a frizzle.
Luna has 4 toes and had darker skin at hatch but it's now basically the same colour as Mardi.
Yes both have dark legs and feathers on their feet.
I've attached what we have worked out is their biological family
Mums in the middle with the best guesses of dads under the respective chicks. All the adults are bantamish sizes

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