7week chick can you tell if it's a pullet or a rooster yet?


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Dec 7, 2015
Any clues on the breed as well

+1 on the cockerel, based on the color/prominence of that comb. Can you get some closer shots of her side and tail feathers? And her legs?

No expert on breeds, but he does look a lot like my Black Australorp. Do the feather's have a greenish iridescence to them (like an oil slick)? Black legs?
Thanks guys, the legs are bluish grey. His feathers do have some green iridescence. He has cool head feathers, like a hat :)
Mixed breed cockerel.

did he come from your flock?

Looks like a rose comb, so that could point you to one parent (rose combs are dominant). And the crest is partially dominant, so that may help ID other parents. Black is a dominant color also.

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