8+ Bantam Shamo Hatching Eggs (Waiting List) RARE

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    This Is a (Waiting List) For 8+ shamo Bantam Hatching Eggs.


    Color Will Range From Wheaton, Cuckoo, Black, & Creole/Golden Barred.

    I don't offer any specific color, but just ask I may be ably to send more of one color than another if I'm able.

    My Bantam Shamos are currently starting to lay, I will send eggs As soon as production picks up. I have two trios 1 wheaton pair & 1 cukoo hen this trio is currently laying eggs.

    Wheaton X Wheaton = Wheaton chicks.
    Wheaton x Cuckoo = Creole/ Golden Barred chicks.

    I am waiting for my black shamos trio to pick up on eggs & to let the eggs get little bit bigger in size for hatching .

    Black Roo x 2 black hens = all black chicks

    Which should be soon, My Shamo Bantams are 6-8 months old & have been laying for about 2 weeks. Fertility is very good ! just candled eggs this week all of my eggs were fertile!

    My shamo hens are about 1.5 lbs & roosters are about 2-3 lbs.


    The Shamo is a hardy Breed of chicken, Shamos are a hard featherd breed of chicken from Japan, which was originated in Thailand. The name "Shamo" was a corruption of "Siam" during the early Edo period but has been selectively bred for several hundred years.

    Shamos are tall, with a rather upright stance; they have the typical Oriental 'bird of prey" expression, with heavy brow ridges and short, sturdy beak. Eyes are usually pearl, the comb is pea, wattles are small or non-existent, and the feathering is exceedingly short and hard, to the extent that the breastbone is left bare. Shamo are broad shouldered and heavily boned. Tails are small, and generally follow the line of the back sloping downward to the ground

    Colors in the American standard include Black, Black Breasted Red (Wheaten), and Dark, and colors in the Japanese standard include Akasasa (red-hackled), Kisasa (yellow-hackled), Shojo (brown), Goishi (mottled), Abura (dark red-hackled), Hakushoku (white), Asagi (blue), and Kokushoku (black).


    When keeping Shamo is that they should mature slowly. A bird of either sex is not adult until about two years old. Roosters of ten months will look a very different from a bird after another year. No feeding high protein diets to chicks! No Turkey or Gamebird Starter ! Simple chick starter will do. To much protein can cause an OVER WEIGHT BIRDS.


    Shamos are generally easy to handle and pleasant tempered, as well as being outstanding broodies & mothers & are very protective of their chicks. They will protect their chicks from almost anything. Shamo Hens go broody very easily, So eggs have to be collected daily unless you want chicks running everywhere.


    Shamo are slow growers, Roosters are very meaty, hens are decent layers of about 150 - 200 tinted to brown color eggs. I collect about an egg a day & sometimes every otherday from ea hen.

    The Roosters have a powerful proud look to them & can be very territorial towards other roosters, when confined together. They do very well together when they have their own space. Shamos are excellant at free ranging & will forage all day.

    Shamos are not weak , they are very hardy & can tolorate almost any type of housing weather it is a large cage, coop or running loose in the pastures /free range . Shamos need a low thick perch at night for roosting, Thin perch causes crooked breast bones & To high of a perch is not good either since they are very compact & muscular, their own weight can harm their legs if perches are to high/ High perches can lead to leg problems/ limping birds. So No Thin or High Roost !

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    I will accept money orders & Paypal only!
    I ship all of my hatching eggs through USPS, by Priority Mail.


    All Hatching Eggs will be packaged very carefully. I always try to send extra Eggs if avaiable, & have had great success with shipping eggs, but accidents can happen so I cannot make any guarentees. The shipping process can be rough one, due to the fact that all packages are X-rayed & rough handled durring shipping .This all affects fertility of the eggs, so No guarentees. I take great care on how I package my hatching eggs!


    I individualy & carefully wrap ea egg in bubble wrap, & place ea bubble wraped egg in an egg carton, for extra support & so they dont get as shaken up during shipping. I then pack tons of shreded paper in the shipping box before puting eggs/ carton in box. Then Off to the Post Office they go! For shipping.

    If for any unforseen reason I can't get the eggs to you, what ever the case maybe.

    Your money will be refunded.

    This Is a Again a Waiting list, & eggs will be sent ASAP, Pm Me for more details & for my paypal info.
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    Apr 1, 2009
    Wow those are beautiful bird! Unfortunately for me, my incubator currently is overstuffed. I hope you post again in the spring!
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    Jun 16, 2008
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    Thank you, just let me know when every your ready to order [​IMG]
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    Aug 9, 2009
    what you said about eggs and meat does that apply to bantam variety ?
  5. josh44

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    Jun 16, 2008
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    They lay a pretty consistant amount of eggs & bantam roos are pretty meaty, So yes [​IMG]

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