8+ Fertile hatching eggs, EE's, Barred Rocks


Double K Poultry
10 Years
Dec 23, 2009
Lincoln County, Missouri
These are from my free-range flock. In this flock, I have 14 EE hens & 12 Barred Rock Hens with 5 EE roosters, 3 Barred Rock roosters, and 1 Blue Andalusian Rooster. I also have a pen with 7 Black Australorp hens & 3 Black Australorp Roosters. These were separated from the main flock only 2 weeks ago, so I am selling those eggs along with the eggs from my mixed flock until I can be sure that they are pure Black Australorp. I have had 100% fertility here and my last hatch was 26 out of 27 eggs set! All 27 eggs developed! Do not hesitate to pm me with questions. As with any hatching eggs, I cannot guarantee hatch rate. Eggs will ship on Mon-Wed. Paypal only please. For pics of my birds, see my website: www.doublekpoultry.webs.com Thanks for looking!

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