8+ French Black Copper Marans eggs


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8+ French Black Copper Marans

Our stock is of Davis, Jeane, and others, but we've been working on our own Beak House line and the birds have been selectively interbred to remove faults and improve to the proposed standard.

Please educate yourself regarding incubating Marans eggs: our feeling is that they do better when the humidity is as low as possible or other means are used to promote evaporation, such as sandpapering part of the color away. Evaporation is generally poor due to the rich coloring on the shell. If you have any question about incubating these eggs, please ask in advance- happy to help! Please don't assume you can hatch these successfully **the same** as other eggs you may have hatched.

Other folks may feel differently about incubation conditions, and we absolutely don't want to anything but promote thoughtfulness on the way the eggs are incubated, as Marans are notoriously hard to hatch when shipped. Please follow whatever advice or method you find comfortable. We just suggest you look into this before bidding if you haven't worked with Marans eggs before.

Bidders should understand that shipping hatching eggs is a risk, even under the best conditions. Many factors are out of our control, but we will do everything possible to provide you with excellent chances- our attention to the nutrition of the flock is specifically with robust eggs in mind. We want you to have success but can't be responsible for poor hatch rates.

Understand the considerations- some, none, or ALL of the eggs may hatch!

We will do everything possible to work with you if there is a shipping issue; contact us if there is a concern regarding weather BEFORE we ship. It's important to get a PO Box or have the PO hold the eggs for pick-up, so we'll need a phone number for the box.

Sorry about the cruddy pics- using my phone for now!


Note: Mr. Sir's leg feathering is continuous- the gap was an unfortunate pluck-and-run incident but is growing back.



Last several sales got a dozen each- I'm not promising, but they're currently producing well.
I have some BCM eggs in the incubator on day 8. Is it too late to try sandpapering? this is my first batch ever to incubate, I hate to have a flop!! (I obviously hadn't done my research prior to the purchase)

you will be fine. I have never sand papered my BCM eggs and have had excellent hatch rate from shipped eggs.
Sandpapering is something I do in an incubator that is still air, with extra-dark shipped Marans eggs. I do use a dry incubation method , with ZERO water until the last three days.

It's not what everyone does, nor is it absolutely necessary, but my experience is that the increased evaporation allows the embryo to be small enough to pip, whereas many times, people experience chicks dead in the shell at due date. I feel this is because they are too big to maneuver and can't hatch. Encouraging more evaporation has helped my successes in many cases.

Again, it's just important to find out what opinions are out there and then use that information to choose a method and keep trying until something shows as a good method for you.

Happy hatching!!

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