8+ Orps ~Lavender~Isabel~Split~GoldLaced Project~


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**This is a project!**

Here's your chance to get some project Orps!

I've set every single spot for the a while, so you guys will get to have eggs from me for a bit. I've even stacked and balanced beyond what's proper...

This is Lav roos and an Isabel F1 roo over a flock of Isabel F1 hens, Lavender hens, and a Lav Mottled hen. The last 3 hatches have produced Lavender Mottled, Isabel, and Lav chicks...I did get one that looks white out of the last hatch and I don't know how, so please keep in mind this is a project still and unpredictable things happen. Many breeders never sell until a project is finis, but I'm of a mind to not waste eggs and I think there are others working on similar projects who would enjoy some of this stock. There is the potential for an early Porcelain in this mix. I just can't eat project eggs.

For visual reference, there's a thread about Isabel Partridge Brahmas overseas: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=383078

should help you envision the black and gold hens in my pics with the lavender and diluted buff.

I will be hatching them all again as soon as I have room, so jump on this if you have an interest in the project.

The following is a porcelain from another breed, who is young enough to have very little white showing at the tips of his feathers, so imagine this coloring on an Orp, and you'll understand what Isabel will look like.

Some of the pics show birds other than Orps, but those are older pics, and these have been Orps only for months. My birds are big, heavy, friendly, productive layers, and we select for size, shape and temperament.

We have Isabel F1s, which will produce either an incomplete Gold-Laced Split to Lavender or Isabels. We have Lavenders from 3 different lines. All eggs will be split to or showing Lavender. These are housed together. I will provide 8+ fresh eggs, based on what they give me. The previous winners each got 12.

I'm starting the eggs low, but keeping the auction short, so keep an eye on it!!

There are no black/blue/splash birds, split or otherwise in this group- these pics are included just for reference on the shape and stock used to get where we are now...because I'm bad and keep neglecting to buy a camera so I can take current pics...

Guitartists made some Punnett squares some time back that helped folks understand the genetics of certain dilutors, so I thought I'd alter them to make some for Isabels.



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I've even stacked and balanced beyond what's proper...

That is tooo funny

I totally love your various projects. They are soo cool
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