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Apr 30, 2009
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Is the worst movie ever. Yes, I know, I am the only person on the planet who hasn't watched it all the way through, until tonight. You see, I am up because I have the worst bronchitis I have ever had and I can't sleep. No cough syrup on the face of this planet has kept me from coughing so hard I either puke or pee my pants. So why in the world would I watch 8 Seconds tonight? I knew he was going to die, I knew how it ended- because EVERYONE and their dog has seen the movie.

And still I sit here, kleenex in hand, sobbing, coughing, snot bubbles, coughing some more, sobbing, slobbering, covered in Vicks. I am a mess. Now if you will please excuse me I need to go to the bathroom then use my nebulizer.
Time to go to the doctor! I had those symptoms last spring....had pneumonia...was down for 3 weeks and a couple of days in the hospital. Hope you feel better soon...I know how miserable you are!
Sure hope you are feeling better soon. If you are up for another terrible movie, how about Inglorious Bastards or The English Patients
I don't know. Watching that movie probably cleansed her of the virus.

Seriously, if this movie did not kill the cold go see a doctor.
Benzonatate. Get it. It's the best prescription for bronchitis ever. Also known as Tessalon Perls. Even an on-call doctor will prescribe that over the phone, so do call your doc's office today and get those phoned in. NOW!!!!

Just had bronchitis for 8 weeks...it saved me.

Never saw the movie. Knew better than to do that to myself, since I cry at Hallmark commercials.

Hope you feel better!
I have had bronchitis so many times.. I really feel for you. The only thing I go for to sleep is nyquil. It doesn't stop the cough, but it makes me sleep a bit better

As for the movie, I have never watched it. Neither have my dogs
I will avoid it thanks to you

I just watched Soul Surfer last night. Really didn't think I would like it, but it's very uplifting.

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