8+ Silkie Partridge eggs for sale

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    Apr 12, 2011
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    My Partridge Hens are laying really well and I have some really nice chicks from them so I am now offering eggs for sale. Not 100% vaulted, but most are. Toes good and chicks are energetic and strong. Everything I have set has developed from this pen.

    I have 8 collected as of Tueday and will send whatever happens between now and Wednesday, planning to ship Wednesday. - 6 hens and 2 roos, all from Sassy Silkie, Catdance, and Mary Robbins. I do have one lighter partridge in the pen, but the rest are blue-partridge and darker.

    No DQs and great looking personable birds. I am shutting the incubator down - FINALLY, [email protected]!!

    Guess I will add the usual disclaimer - Can't guarantee what mailing does to eggs, but things are looking exceptional here!

    I'm very excited about this group of birds and know you will be happy. Thanks for your consideration.

    My paypal is [email protected]

    I'd love to hear how the hatch goes, so keep in touch should you purchase these eggs!
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