8+ Speckled Sussex hatching eggs


11 Years
Aug 11, 2008
Bay Minette
8+ Speckled Sussex hatching eggs. These are beautiful birds. We have a very good rooster to hen ratio so we have a high fertility rate. It is one rooster per three hens. I am getting a good amount of eggs so I will have more to sell if anybody wants to buy more.
Beautiful birds!
I am an absolute sucker for anything spangled, mottled, mille fleur, speckled, or calico!
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Thank you so much for those beautiful eggs and the extras! They came today and everyone was in perfect condition. Very nice eggs to by the way! I am just so happy.
I have wanted Speckled Sussex for over a year. Tried to get some last year but the hens had quit laying and then I didn't have room. Yours are beautiful and great timing. Yahooey!

Maybe it's the redheaded freckle face thing--I feel a bond LOL

Great JOB!!!!
Thank you very much for the kind words. We really love our sussexes. It's funny about the redhead and freckles comment. We named several of them based on that. The roosters name is Scutt, from the movie A Christmas story (the bully). We named one of the hens Annie from Little Orphan Annie. We named another one Freckles. Freckles is my favorite, she will get on my arm like a parrot.
Yes, I just hopped in early because I wanted them yesterday! They are sitting on the dresser resting until I can pop the little darlings in tomorrow. Then...21 short days later--they are my little freckle chickens!!!

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