8 tiny fuzzbutt buddies for our lone chick!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Godiva, Oct 28, 2011.

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    We have a two week old bantam lavender Ameraucana that we hatched. It was the only one out of 15 to make it [​IMG] and it was pathetic seeing it all on its own in the brooder. So we ordered 8 chicks to become its flock mates. Yesterday they arrived from Ideal Poultry with a bunch of other chicks that others ordered with me. I put the whole lot in the brooder and the poor little Ameraucana was totally overwhelmed, it jumped onto DD arm and wouldn't get off! Eventually we put it in the mix and you could tell the poor thing was just blown away by all the noise and activity! There were a lot of full size chicks in the other orders and it was wild for a while getting everyone fed and watered. The other chicks went to their new homes yesterday afternoon and now there are just 9 in the brooder. 4 gold laced Cochin bantams and 4 dark Brahma bantams. I was worried that the 2 week old would pick on the tiny ones, but to my delight they are all just snuggled under the light and it is ever so calm and peaceful in the brooder. The Ameraucana is much quieter now that it has buddies and the littlelies are hero worshipping the bigger one! The Ameraucana has its wing and tail feathers already and we have found her/him with wings spread over the tinies! (makes me hope that it is a little pullet!) So all seems well in the brooder. Phew!

    Now I have to figure out where on earth to put them in a couple of weeks when the brooder cage is too small!!!!!!!!! They were originally supposed to be under one of my bantie hens but she turned down the job and now I have to figure out two separate areas for them until the chicks are big enough to meet the two ladies! At what point do the chicks need more room? I am hoping that with banties I will have a little longer to figure that out.

    Another question - what do you put in their brooder for entertainment and keeping them out of mischief. I want to avoid problems rather than have to solve them... thought of putting some clumps of grass still with the dirt on for them to 'play' with. Just had about 9 inches of snow and really cold weather so heaven alone knows when we will get them out......

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    What a wonderful story! I was practically weeping by the end of it!

    I don't know what your brooder cage looks like, but you can enlarge the "dorm facilities" easily by looking out back of appliance stores for large discarded cardboard boxes. If you get two that have similar dimensions, you can put them together, side by side, tape them together and cut a pass-through so you end up with a two room condo.

    In addition, I prefer elevating the brooder on a table, cut access doors into the sides, and you will be able to enjoy and administer to your growing babies without them fearing those scary hands diving down at them from on high. And it saves your back. I stretch cheese cloth over the tops so the chicks don't fly out in a couple weeks when they all discover what tiny wings are capable of. A sheet of plastic on the floor of the boxes under wood shavings will keep spills from melting the cardboard.

    As for entertainment, I just toss in a few blocks of 2 x 4's and they love climbing on them. Also, a tub filled with sand is always a huge hit. They know how to dirt bathe instinctively, and is it ever cuteness overload!

    I love your story, and wish you all the luck and enjoyment with these little treasures!
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    we have found her/him with wings spread over the tinies! (makes me hope that it is a little pullet!



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