8 week old chick with worrying symptoms, Strange noises, please help.

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    Mar 18, 2013
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    Hello to anyone reading, after weeks of stress and problems with my new chickens, my favourite hen chick has started displaying unusual symptoms. She is making these strange noises almost continuously, like a sort of repeated moaning even when she is trying to sleep with the other hens, there is definitely something wrong as I observe chickens regularly and notice change of behaviour.
    The entire flock are being treated for Coryza through antibiotics in water due to 2 adult hens bringing it in when I bought them. I have kept chickens for years and after a few years break I have had nothing but trouble with this batch and i'm pulling my hair out. Its costing me a fortune at the vets as well, but mostly i'm worrying that i'm about to lose my favourite chick. From what I can read, it could be "chronic respiratory disease" as that describes a sort of humming/hawking sound. That's sounds as close as I can get to the problem. Please could anyone advise me, Im trying to record her so that I can put it up for anyone to listen too.

    Many thanks Dean.

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