8 week old PR roo doesn't get along with my Silkies...

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    My PR roo, Ducky, is getting along great with his four PR girlfriends but not with my Silkies. Three of them are young roos and two are pullets but he just runs right all over all of them regardless of gender. (I'm going to hopefully end up with one Silkie roo and four hens). I'm worried that he will be too rough with the Silkie girls once they get bigger. I'll try to get a video or at least pics of his behavior towards them later. He was raised in a separate brooder from my Silkies until he was four weeks old because of spacial requirements.

    My real question is, is it worth risking him being rude to the Silkies? Or should I try to sell him to someone who only has standards and try to get a younger one who I can raise with Silkies?

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