8 week old RIR roosters & barred rock roosters need home


Apr 18, 2017
Hi - Would anyone like some roosters? Very friendly roosters to a good home! I am near 12134 zip code - NY
Well - I am new and just starting out and apparently purchased straight run chicks and ended up with all roosters. I just bought 6 hens so not sure on a rooster flock. They are the sweetest roosters and hate to give them away but.......
Apparently I would need a separate sections to keep them in????? I do not have a big enough coop now.
Rooster flocks are flocks with no hens and more than one rooster, for example I have a rooster flock with 5 roosters in it, but with no hens. You do have to keep them separate from the hens, or they'll fight over the hens too much or over mate them.

If you want more info I posted a thread about it in flock management, it's called "Rooster Flocks!"

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