8 Week old Roos or Hens? Easter Eggers and a Silkie 🐔🐓


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May 17, 2022



My (hopeful) ladies are 8(ish) weeks old (wasn't given a clear age when purchased). What do you think? Hens or roos? I know silkies are almost impossible to tell but I attached pictures of ours anyways. The rest are easter eggers. Bonus points for insight on the easter egger's possible breeds they come from..and maybe their age haha

A bit about each:

Pepita (dark grey): we thought for sure would be our rooster if any because s/he feathered last, had comb bumps earliest and turning red. until this week, s/he was the biggest, tallest standing, and most aggressive/bravest. Clover seems bigger and more confident now

Clover (brown): fights for the top of pecking order and seems confident and got really big compared to others. Bigger than others for sure.. Seems to have a single bump on beak

Daphne (silkie): seems confident and explores away from others, will put up a fight for pecking order

Willow (white spotted): definitely doesn't bother fighting with pecking order, shy like, crouched. Feathered long before others. Smaller than the others. 3 bumps on beak but not turning red.


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Okay so I'm horrible with Easter esggers and I have 0 experience with them, but to me they look like pullets.
I can't tell with the silkie because the pictures aren't very good. Do you think you could get any better, clearer photos of Daphne's comb/face?

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