8 week silkie, sudden neurological spasiticity...

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    Jan 14, 2009
    Dear backyard forum,
    I'm very concerned and hoping you can help me.
    I only have two silkies, Sophie and Suzie, less than 2 months old. Yesterday morning Suzie became all twisted, even moreso in her neck, but she can't stand up most of the time and has begun having severe dystonic problems.
    Then, suddenly today she had a dropping with what looked like blood in it, but Im not quite sure it is blood. as it also looks a bit like flesh, subsequent droppings have been normal. Dh is on the way to vet, (non_avian.).. with the abnormal and a normal FECAL sample. It also looks like it could be some bit of flesh, rather than blood.The bloody, or fleshie portion is cylindrical. The pooh around it is very disintegrated and watery, maybe slimy, but I didn't touch it. I'm thinking the stress of whatever this neurological thing is, has kicked up coccidiosis. Sp? the chicks have been outside to visit the chicken yard on warm days.

    The brooder has newspaper on the floor that I change at least twice a day, sometimes 3 or 4. In the meantime I brush away or pick up poohs and cover loose stools with scraps of paper. This brooder is 3ft circle wood with plexiglass surround, so that I can see them at all times from My bed. I am here 21 hrs a day. They bring me a lot of joy, and as the new hatchlings come on, the older ones move out to the chicken coop or in the case of the seramas an inside one. The plexiglass brooder is new only to these babies.

    There are no other signs of trauma, though she was born with curled toes on left foot. Her sister is perfect. They are buff silkies and the only two who hatched from maybe 8 or ten eggs.

    She is eating and drinking and doesn't seem to be feverish though I can't swear to that as I haven't taken her temp.

    I have been feeding her yesterday and tomorrow and personally handling her, because she is so twisted, she can't eat unless I support her on both sides in a position that she can get her self upright. Good appetite. Part of the time she has had to drink water from my finger tips with her head upside down.

    It has been quite warm the last two days and since the chicks are older Dh insisted on turning off the brooder heater. (ceramic non_lite,) hanging above the brooder on tripod.
    Did I say that I found her this way, yesterday morning, so this is second morning.

    The treatment I have administered thus far has been tryaminicyn and supportive in nutrition and hydration, as she is unable to turn her head up most of the time to eat without assistance.

    When returned to the coop she becomes a twisted ball and schrirms upside down all over the brooder. She seems to be suffering as she cries out as though in pain, but when I hold her supportively she is much better.
    I have to tell you, I relate to her suffering very much, as I have MS, and one of my major problems is the spasticity, paralysis, pain, and twisting. This is very concerning for me. I have never seen it in an animal.
    I can't think of any products or toxics she could have come into contact with. And none of the other birds are presenting likewise.

    Eating serama feed, hi protien game, ground so the seramas can eat it, but there are larger chunks the silkies prefer. The serama's have confused the silkies with mama's because they are so large in comparison, though only two weeks older. They all snuggle together to sleep and eat.

    Dh, just returned from Vet, fecal sample was clear, no parasites, nor coccidiosis.

    Do I need to be concerned about Marek's disease?

    I don't want to loose her, and am concerned about the other birds in the brooder. (Her sister and four younger serama's) as this neurological problem is new.

    We need to keep cost as low as possible, but I have a medical background and am able to aid in her care and dx. I have not much expericence in Vet work.

    If you can help me at all, I would greatly appreciate it. Willing to answer more questions. Will check often.
    With great appreciation,
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    I think I've read that those kinds of problems are usually caused by nutritional deficiencies. I don't know if the game bird feed is what they are supposed to eat or not. I feed mine Purina Start & Grow. Can you give them some kind of vitamins/electrolytes? I think Poly-vi-sol infant vitamins can help. There's also a bird vitamin called Avia Charge. I bought Vi-tal from my local feed store for $2.79.

    I sure hope she gets better...poor baby [​IMG]
  3. TXmom

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  4. MarlaKaye

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    Jan 14, 2009
    TX Mom,
    thank you so much, you are a God send. I didn't know about wry neck. I mixed up some vitamin asap and started hand feeding her. Can you believe she is already standing up and I mistook her for her sister a moment ago.
    Her neck is still a bit twisted to the side, but I had to pause to notice it.
    This would explain why it was so much worse in the morning. I used to let them eat in the middle of the nite, but the last two nites, I have been trying to sleep through myself. If she had this problem, it didn't manifest itself til I cut off her food in the nite. Kept the light off. Doh.

    AS I was typing this I looked back over and she is twisting her neck over all the way now. I will keep up the vitamins and come here first for advice. Apparently I just neeeded the term "Wry neck" to make my research fruitful.

    I am still baffled by the strange stool. I Don't know what to make of it. I haven't seen another like it yet. She is making a liar out of me, her head is up again now. Must be spastic. I am so glad to see improvement.
    All my gratitude,
    This Forum is the greatest and you people are all angels!
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  5. Smoky73

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    Feb 8, 2007
    Keep giving her vitamins and lots of them probably for at least a week. I have managed to get this to go away before on birds that have had it pretty bad, but not all the time.
  6. TXmom

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    I'm so glad she's showing some improvement [​IMG] Definitely keep up the vitamins, and go ahead and let them eat at night until she's all better.

    I'm still learning a lot myself but I try to help out where I can.
  7. TXmom

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    Oh, and give her some crumbled up hard-boiled egg yolk. It has a lot of nutrition for them (it's what nourished them when they were just an egg, right?) and they love it , so she'd be more motivated to eat.

    I've heard that Silkies tend to have this wry neck problem a little more than other breeds, I'm not sure why.

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