8 Wheaten/Barred Wheaten Shamo hatching eggs


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Up for auction are 8 Wheaten and/or Barred Wheaten Shamo hatching eggs. These are the O-Shamo type, a larger size of Shamo. These eggs will hatch out a 50/50 chance of Wheaten or Barred Wheaten chicks. They are of Jim Zook lines.





Shamos are a very old, rare breed of game-fowl that get to an amazing height, weight, and posture unseen in your average backyard poultry flock! They are a must for anyone who wants something truly different, rare, and/or friendly. Despite their cruel expression and the males' absolute fighting nature toward each other, they get along perfectly find with people, and are never known to be aggressive. Shamos are an APA recognized, heat hardy, frequently broody, good foraging, very intelligent breed that lays a moderate amount of creamy light brown eggs. The females are very quiet and make good mothers, plus, they don't make the egg sound! That's right! A truly quiet hen. The males, though aggressive to each other, are extremely good flock protectors, good gentlemen to the hens, and are excellent "pets" - Our main stag named 'Gojira' is a very talkative, very friendly rooster who will follow you anywhere and allow you to pick him up whenever you want.

The eggs you receive will come from only one pullet, but she has been laying every day now and her fertility is excellent! These eggs will be shipped on Tuesday, March 1st. I accept payments via Paypal, but can accept Money Orders if you do not have Paypal.

Good luck bidding!
Sigh, why can't you live close to me? I don't hatch eggs....I need someone to sell me some o shamo! Somebody near me get these and hatch them pretty please!!!
I really wish we had room for another breed of chicken. I absolutely love those! My son says they remind him of raptors from Jurassic Park, therefore, he thinks they are really cool too!
My stag stands nearly 28 inches tall right now, and he's not even a year old yet. He's grown 3 inches in the last 2 months, who knows, maybe he'll stop, maybe he'll continue. Shamos are slow growers, however most of the growth beyond 9 months old is with filling out, not getting taller. Some can reach 30 inches tall or a little more; they can vary. I don't think you'll get a male from my breeding under 27 inches though.

As for the females. . . I've yet to measure the pullet lately, but last time she stood just 2 inches shorter than the stag.
They can be with other breeds, just watch the males.
My pair roam freely on our yard with an Araucana hen, a New Hampshire hen, and three bantam Cochin cockerels who the Shamo stag doesn't even realize are male.

As for other roosters - I'd keep any Shamo male separate from other roosters once he grows to be 4 months old.

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