8+ White French Production Muscovy Hatching Egg


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Jul 1, 2009
Southern Maryland
8+ White French Production Muscovy Hatching Eggs

I raise my Muscovy for meat but I keep a permanent breeding flock also - I call them my zen ducks because they're so calm you often have to step over them if they're in your path. They're quackless and the hens are the best broodies you'll ever meet. A handful of these lovely ladies and you'll never need your incubator again! (Unless you're like me and have 200+ eggs in the 'bator)
I love love love them! They're the absolute friendliest poultry in the barnyard! They enjoy their treats, love to be petted, and my big drake meets me at the gate every day waggin' his tail and "huffing" his hello the whole way.

This is the French improved breeding stock that will produce birds which are 50% larger than our American Muscovy. Drakes can weigh 12 pounds in 12 weeks. My typical dressed weights: Hens 3.5 to 4.5 lb. and drakes 8 - 10 lb. (had 3 out of 5 drakes dressed at 9.5 lbs at 12-weeks this summer). High in meat-to-bone ratio, with less weight loss after cooking than Pekin ducks. Low in fat with a wonderful veal-like texture and flavor.

Well packaged and shipped via Priority Mail with shipping confirmation!


"Big Boy" Muscovy Drake (15+ lbs)


"Pretty Girl" Muscovy Hen


Pretty Perching Juvenile Girl


"Freckles" Muscovy Juvenile Hen
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