8 wk old with HUGE sour crop

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    I finally figured out my 8 week old SP Rock roo has a sour crop, I noticed him a couple weeks ago but this is my first expierience with chicks and I didn't catch it early and now his crop is huge. He acts the same as all the others, but he was a feed hog.

    2 days ago I separtated him and pulled his food for 24 hours last night I tried to empty his crop but nothing came up, I fed him some bread, olive oil and garlic and theres acv in his water.

    This morning I managed to get some yellowish liquid out of him twice and I attempted a epsom salt drench but I only managed to get a Tbls or so down him. The poor guy is now oily, smells like garlic and I don't think I've done him any good at all.

    All the others are fine, they've been in there coop and yard for 2 months. they get medicated chick feed mixed with layer grower, some fruit & greens and a couple handfuls of scratch daily.

    How do I hold his head still to get the drench down him? Anything else I can try?

    He's acting fine and I feel sorry for him being separated. I'm thinking about just putting him back with the others and letting him enjoy the next few weeks of life because I plan on butchering my 17 roos in Sept or Oct anyway. Can a sour crop spread to my others? Lots of dumb questions I know but hopefully I can get some real advice here, thanks all.

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    I had a hen with a sour crop a few weeks ago. I don't think sour crop can spread. As for holding the chicken's head still, I don't think there is any specific way - just hold it any way that is comfortable to you and keeps his head and beak where you can get the drench into him. I hope it works out for you.
    Here's the link to my posts about it - I didn't get a happy ending though. [​IMG]

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