800 Dogs In One Mobile Home!

Wow - it's such a shame. I'm amazed every time I read a story like that. I have to wonder where family members are? Doesn't someone in the family intervene before it gets this bad? We had a case in my hometown of Covington that had 85 small dogs in home and they were seized and adopted out. But 800? Yeah, "overwhelmed" would be a good word.
I heard about it ( the dogs) and it's so sad. I hope they are able to adopt the dogs.
There was a case similiar to that recently in my area where they found about 20-50 dogs ( I forget the exact number) living in a small house. The elderly owners of the dogs had given the house up to the dogs when the dogs kept multiplying and were living in an RV on the property. The floor of the house was covered in dog doo and the police had to wear masks to get the dogs out. The adoptable dogs were put up for adoption and the house was torn down. The owners did not get charged because it was obvious they didn't neglect the dogs from malicious intent. Sad, sad!
On the news they showed some pics and said the dogs were all in good shape, the house was a wreck, but the dogs were healthy. I don't know how things can get that out of control.

Wow...that is bizarre about the toilet. Okay one hour goes by, I could see not rushing for help, but after the first 24 hours, it would be time to get someone in there. Waiting TWO YEARS is unthinkable. There must be some sort of mental illness. Really odd story.
that link took me to a story bout a lady that had sat on a toilet for two years...not about the dogs...I looked for the story on the dogs but didnt find it

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