8x10 garden shed


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
SW Ont, Canada
I have access to an 8x10 garden shed that I would like to convert into a chicken coop. (Was gonna add on to the barn, but not at this time) So, I have 12 standard hens, one standard roo, and 5 banties. My birds free range, so I am wondering if this will be enough room. I realize the recommended space is 3sqft/bird. Would the fact that this shed is 7-8ft tall at the peak matter? I am mostly concerned about it being adequate in winter, since that is when they would be spending the most time in there.

I think its probably enough room with several being banties. I had a dozen birds in an 8x8 coop and they had plenty of room. Actually, most go by 4 sq ft per standard chicken and 2 sq ft for banties.
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