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    Jul 31, 2018
    20190113_100801.jpg Girls were 13 weeks when I got. That was July 28th. They are EE Americanas. 1 of the 3 girls has begun to lay 2 days ago. Today is January 13th. I thought they would never start laying. Especially because I was going over the winter, the light change, the temperature change, the exercise change from being outside free-range to more coop. Very beautiful blue green eggs. Excited to see what the other two give us. It's been 9 months!!! That's long to wait for eggs. The funny part is that I went to the store the first day before I found the egg and bought 5 dozen eggs. I've never buy that many eggs at once in my life so just kind of ironic. FYI. 2 weeks before today I switched from crumble to layer pellets. Anyone think that was the missing key?
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    No, just time. If anything, making changes would prolong your wait, not shorten it. Gorgeous egg - congrats! You've given me hope. I have 2 pullets going on 8.5 months with no eggs.
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    Congratulations on the egg!

    You got them as days were shortening. So, even a laying hen sometimes will take a break due to a location move and the related stress. In addition, I’ve heard EE can sometimes lay a bit later than other breeds. I have 2 EE. One laid first egg in July at around 21 weeks, the other (same age/same source) took a few more weeks. We had three Dark Brown Leghorns that we recently sold. One laid first egg around 36-38 weeks. Second one laid first egg around 43 weeks, and third never laid an egg before selling. We don’t think there were any physical problems with those bc they were bottom of pecking order till we integrated 6week old chicks, and daylight was shortening, so think it was a combo of light/pecking order stress/individual tendency towards later laying age.

    Enjoy all your new colorful eggs! Our EE are reliable layers of green eggs.
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    Dec 12, 2013
    Congrats on the egg, it's a beaut! :D
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    Beautiful egg :love The change in weather, lighting & feed all probable to the delay in egg laying but then again, they'll lay when their hormones are ready. Breed makes a difference, I had BOs that were 9mo before any eggs showed up. Since you got one egg, I'm sure the rest will be starting soon.

    As for feed, I no longer feed layer which is higher in calcium but way low in protein. I've read several threads about what it takes for the girls to lay, that's alot of work/energy so figure I'd do the higher protein (Flock Raiser) feed and Oyster Shells on in a separate dish ... No more age feeding. It's been a couple of years and I have no regrets ... Haven't had any issues with laying nor egg shells :fl I've read where some continue on the Grower, or change to All Flock, Multi Flock ... Texas Kiki did a feed comparison chart, you can search it in the article section.

    My girls are my stress relief, Pets with Benefits and I no longer wait for that first egg but when it happens, it's just as exciting.:love Enjoy your girls and eggs
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