1. A

    Goose eggs and movement

    Hi, I’m hatching two goose eggs for the first time and they are both going wrong on day 13! My question tho is how much should they be moving? Mine look like they are having a rave in there, can they move too much? Thanks
  2. chickenchicklady

    No more eggs

    Hello! I have a flock of about 12 girls. A couple Roos. I typically get between 9-12 eggs a day. But the last three days I’ve only gotten one egg. Is this normal? I know it’s normal to not get as many, but will some of them just stop playing completely In the winter? Or do I need to check them...
  3. S

    Momma goose

    Hi im new at this but I have a couple of geese she started laying on eggs a while back 1 baby hatched but she is still sitting on eggs the baby is a week old n im sure the others won't hatch by now but she won't get off the eggs. What do I do? Dad is taking care of the gosling while she just...
  4. Chickenheaven93

    My silkies stopped laying since November

    I have 13 silkys and one roo. They are all adults afew years old. They have stopped laying since November. I'm in Australia so it is summer here now. But we're I live the weather is always crazy. It will go from 35 degrees one day, and 10 degrees the next with cold nights. My hens were...
  5. J

    unknown chicken breed

    can someone please tell me this breed?
  6. JoshuaBurke

    My chicken hatched!

    My Chicken Hatched! - YouTube
  7. G

    Are we SURE this is a pullet?

    I posted picture of "her?" about a week ago and everyone said pullet. But she has started mounting my laying hen every chance she gets. She's about 25 weeks and not a single egg yet. I thought White Rock chickens were supposed to start laying around 20 weeks? My laying hen is an Easter Egger...
  8. Angel1214

    Hens laying eggs in winter

    I have a big Rhode Island red rooster and a Rhode Island red hen with a Rhode Island blue hen in one coop and I have 6 eggs now but the only one that lays one the eggs is the Rhode Island red hen but don't lay on the eggs until night time.... And it has been cold during the day and night. Are...
  9. Phantom_k9

    Found a lot of eggs, do I leave them?

    Hello! So this morning has been a very strange sequence of events. Lot of weird stuff with how my birds got off their roost, our RIR laid an egg up high and kicked it down (not breaking it to my surprise), etc. After I let everyone out, our RIR went and laid down in an old playhouse we wanted to...
  10. B

    Looking for miniature appleyard, east indie or/and Silver Bantam fertile duck eggs in UK

    Like the title says I am looking for miniature Appleyard, east indie or/and Silver Bantam fertile duck eggs in the UK. I am planning to begin to incubate them around Feb-March but I am trying to see if I can find someone to source them for me because I am struggling to find many sellers. Thank...
  11. Fallenone05

    I've got baby fever y'all

    Please help me avoid hatching eggs in the dead of winter by showing me your babies and growouts!!
  12. C

    Broody Hen in Winter?

    Good morning! I have a tiny bantam hen who has been broody for over a month now. It’s winter here and the first time she sat on her egg, the other chickens kicked her off so the egg never hatched (too cold). She was still broody so we put two eggs underneath her from a different hen and she has...
  13. ChickenMasta1105

    What are the odds of getting an easter egger?

    Hi! What exactly is an easter egger, and what are the odds of a hen having the blue egg gene, while having the appearance of some other chicken. And also, is there any way to make hens lay natural 'easter egg' color eggs?
  14. R

    Cayuga duck Breeding HELP!

    Hi we bought some Cayuga eggs last season to Incubate we got the eggs from 2 different places, no problem with hatching etc, We have 3 Drake's and 3 Females, now we want to be able to get as much fertile eggs as possible for Incubating next year how do we go about this? Do we need to take 2...
  15. Wild-Turkey

    Most Underrated Poultry Breed, Variety, or Species In Your Opinion?

    Hello, this can include waterfowl, galliformes, or if you really want, parrots, parakeets, softbills, or other birds of your choice, for absolutely any reason. Hey, go ahead and stick a mammal or plant in there if you’d like! This is completely for fun so go wild! If anybody’s curious, I think...
  16. Raptorix234

    Can hatch canned eggs hatch?

    I have always wanted to hatch eggs from the supermarket but the only eggs i could find were canned in water so i was wondering if one happens to be fertile will it even hatch?
  17. ChickenMasta1105

    When will my 8 week old chicks start laying eggs?

    I have 4 approximately 8-week-old hens, but I want to know when my hens will start laying eggs. Please also keep in mind my hens are Rhode Island Red hens. Thanks for your precious time!
  18. S

    3 chickens not laying 30 weeks old

    None of my three chickens have started laying and they are thirty weeks old. All different breeds (black australorp, buff brahman, Easter egger). Have looked all over the yard and don’t see any evidence of them laying elsewhere or eating their own eggs. Is this strange? The lady at the farm...
  19. ButtonHoarder

    What's The Best Incubator?

    Hello all! I need an incubator. I have an incubator, it was $25, and I have tried hatching chicken eggs in it three times, and all of the times was incredibly disappointed when nothing hatched, and I do not do well with disappointment. Well I'm wanting to try again, and wondered what incubator...
  20. BigSkyDreamer

    WTB Red Bourbon Turkey eggs

    I am looking to buy a dozen fertilized red bourbon turkey eggs for hatching. I know it's out of season now but I am trying to reach out now so when it IS season, I have a contact... I really would rather buy quality from a local bird lover/small time farmer/homesteader rather than a big...
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