1. Kel60

    First Egg in november?

    So my girl sweepea who hatched out around February just laid her first egg, in November for some inexplicable reason. I know sometimes out of season things can be a sign of problems should I be concerned? Or is she just being weird? Shes a bronze breasted turkey as far as I know. one thing...
  2. F

    Runner ducks + eggs + winter

    Hello duck owners - I have three female runners that are a few days away from 20 weeks old, so seemingly on the cusp of being in the egg-laying age range. However, it’s also almost December and we are in western VA so it’s chilly and obviously days are getting quite short. Has anyone experienced...
  3. AmazingHens

    I'm raising chicks this winter. How long do I have to keep them inside?

    Recently, I realized one of my hens was a rooster. I have eggs that I think are fertilized. How long should I keep them inside? How old do they have to be in order to live outside in the middle of winter with my other chickens?
  4. dublinducks

    Any Chance of Fertility?

    Recently we unexpectedly lost our favorite silkie rooster. He was absolutely perfect in type and my favorite color, splash. We affectionately called him Splish the splash silkie. When we lost Splish, we lost the ability to breed him. Our hens and roosters are kept separately from one another...
  5. LouisChickon

    Goose laid 1 soft egg then stopped

    Hello, My goose laid her first soft egg on 10/26/23 and I have not seen an egg since. They are at the pond most of the day and locked in their pin at night. I have looked around the yard/pond and cannot find any evidence of a 2nd egg being laid. These are my first geese and not sure when to get...
  6. A

    What is this in my eggs?

    These eggs are from my Buff Orpingtons. They often have what looks like dirt in them--sometimes stuck to the yolk, other times little flakes or specks floating in the white. I'm 100% sure it's not from the shell or dirt that fell in; it definitely originates in the egg. What could it be?
  7. EdgeC

    Duck or Chicken egg?

    Hello, first year raising chickens... or any animal for eggs. We started with ducks (around March 23rd) and followed with our first run of Chickens around 4/14/23. We also have a few younger runs... With that said... I kind of expected duck eggs a month or so ago but nothing... Then today This...
  8. grisou

    Black Australorps not laying eggs ~ 7 month old

    Hello, My 5 Black Australorps (BA) are not laying eggs, despite being 7 month old. I'm from France (so Nothern hemisphere). One of them actually started to lay eggs one month ago (so she was 6 month old). But not anymore, so I have zero egg now. I raised them from fertilized eggs thanks...
  9. solidstate

    Eggtopsy surprise (warning: sensitive images)

    Warning, graphic images below text. Context; I put 10 fertile button quail eggs from my birds in the incubator. Lost power early on for 24hrs and eggs got down to 70° F by the time power came back. That was day 4 or 5. By lockdown, I had weeded out several that had quit early. I didn’t open...
  10. C

    Will a Startled chicken lay an egg?

    I’ve had this happen 3-4 times now and I’m curious if it’s common or if I just have a weird chicken. My girls free range so just before dark we go out and make sure they all made it back to the coop. Occasionally we are busy and don’t get out there before it’s very dark so I turn the light on to...
  11. Skibum

    Corrected impacted crop chicken still not laying

    I have an Easter Egger hen who had an impacted crop for somewhere between a few days to up to a week. It took about 3 days to correct once I discovered it but it might have been a few days before I noticed. She’s still thinner than my other Americana but not super thin. I don’t believe she has...
  12. DustyNoods

    OEGB eggs are tiny!

    My OEGB eggs fit into quail egg cartons! She is so tiny and so are her eggs 🥰 her personality is NOT tiny lol she will attack your hand if you try to touch her sometimes. Other times she will happily jump on you for a treat or pets. I plan to sell her eggs separately more so as a novelty 😊...
  13. OutbackQuackers

    Can Ducks Eat Chicken Egg Shells??

    Can Ducks eat Chicken Egg Shells as well as their own, for extra calcium during laying season?
  14. Smokey And Me


    Hi everybody! I just joined BYC not long ago! I loveee it here, and everybody is so kind! I have a pet duck named Smokey, and he is known for his unique and loving personality. He really enjoys cuddles! We have our own YouTube channel as well! I would really appreciate if you subscribed, as it...
  15. H

    Only one egg daily in a four hen flock

    I've had my flock for about 8 weeks now and got them when they were a week old. I have four hens and a roo, and I keep the roo in the same hutch in a screened off area so he doesn't breed with the hens. They can all see each other and are eating well and have plenty of room. For about two weeks...
  16. L

    Egg production stopped

    Our OG layers were born last August (7 of them), so they are now just over a year old. Two months ago we picked up a turkey and a silkie. They integrated well into the flock. We picked up more layers at a swap a month ago (7 new-to-us hens, within laying age). In addition, we picked up...
  17. S

    Help identify eggs?

    Can anyone post pictures of their barred rock eggs and of their bantam eggs we have a dark brauhma bantam and a porcelain that could be laying Trying to figure out if the brauhmas could be laying early by chance or if our barred rocks are just laying smaller and way lighter eggs compared to our...
  18. Bonkerelli

    Wild Quail Eggs.. should I try to hatch?

    I recently moved to where the lawn was overgrown. While cleaning it up I found 14 quail eggs in a nest. They all look "fresh". All really clean and no cracks. I candled them and didn't see anything growing inside. I am kinda wanting to hatch them but a little hesitant. Any advice on Quail would...
  19. DovesFlock

    Egg hatching help needed!!

    So I have a bunch of eggs (25) that I’m trying to hatch. I have a few questions and concerns. Starting off last Wednesday (Aug 31) I tried to keep the eggs warm via candles until I could get back power. The ones I could transport I took to my aunts who has a generator. So they weren’t without...
  20. W

    Can I eat my chicken eggs while using Corid?

    Google says..... Amprolium (CORID) is approved for use in laying hens by the FDA, which means there is no egg withdrawal period when using it. Eggs laid by hens may be eaten during and after treatment with amprolium. What is the general opinion? I don't always trust the FDA.
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