1. hpiechow

    Celadon Genetics

    Hey all, Quail question! I am hatching a few coturnix with the celadon (ce) gene currently. They are all hatching out of blue CE eggs. I am aware that not all quail that hatch from a blue egg will lay blue. I know the bird has to have two copies (one from mom and one from dad?) of the CE gene...
  2. Frosty_2503

    What type of eggs are these!?

    I was out kayaking today and came across a nest! It was super cool. I can’t for the life of me figure out what it belongs to though! The eggs are long and narrow and about the size of a silkie egg, and speckled. The nest was right out in the water, what do you guys think it is??
  3. EurekaPaprika

    Pulp Egg Cartons Online?

    We used to buy 12 count pulp quail egg cartons on Amazon, but they are now unavailable. Where do you get yours? I've tried google searches and only found the plastic clamshells or distributors that sell by the tens of thousands. I even found an old BYC post from 2011 but their suggestions were...
  4. Ducks and geese7

    Goose eating eggs

    I've had a goose sitting on eggs for 35 days. The eggs were due to hatch. My other female goose decided to lay on them too. So both of my geese were laying on the eggs. Last night I went to check on them and saw a baby had pecked a hole in its egg and was ready to hatch. I left it alone. The...
  5. Gooseypoo

    My geese look awful!

    We have two Embden geese. This is their first year, they started laying in February or March. They look awful. Their feathers are tattered and constantly dirty looking (last year they always looked clean, even when they got into dirty water), their breasts are plucked with a big "V" of down...
  6. bushnellchicken

    Help with turner

    So incubator turner is not working so i am wondering what's my best option for 5 dozen eggs. Do i try and hand turn them? Or, would putting a piece of 2x4 under one side of the incubator actually work? Place it under one side every couple of hours then alternate to the other side. The one side...
  7. simonerol

    30 egg rare breed pack $100 shipping included

    I have a lot of eggs since it is getting so hard to post on Facebook. I am also reluctant to make a lot of chicks, since I can't post those there either. these will be Blue double laced, silver double laced lf and bantam silver Barnevelder, Pavlovskaya, Pyncheon, Isbar, tufted Araucana...
  8. KrissyroxNJ

    Chukar Patridge eggs, a few questions =)

    I saved some chukar partridges in January from a live meat market. I had no clue if I had boys or girls or ages... today I found a small egg! My question is, do I just them do their thing? Is it an egg that will hatch? She isn't sitting on the egg at all but again I have been checking and this...
  9. MotherOfChickens

    Just out of curiosity...

    I have 1 hen who CONSTANTLY is going broody... I've no desire, at the moment, to let her hatch a clutch... but after watching her behavior I am curious about something and wondering what you all do in a situation like this... I have 2 nest boxes. And she swaps the nests. One min she is sitting...
  10. CaramelKittey

    My First Peewee Duck egg!

    Hi! This morning, my younger sister was collecting the eggs when she found a peewee Duck egg! She ran over to me with it and showed me how small it was! Has anybody else gotten a peewee Duck egg? Do you have photos of it? I would love to see them! Here is a photo of our first peewee Duck egg!
  11. D

    Help! Quail eggs.

    Does anybody know where to get good fertile quail eggs to incubate?
  12. emmakate

    is this chick male or female?

    he/she is about 2 weeks old. we got her from a breeder close by. idk if he sexed them very well or not. she/he is a barred rock chick.
  13. Virginia and James

    Broody Silkie hen

    TL;DR: things are happening! This is Maizie. Maizie is a silkie. Maizie is broody. Not a surprise. I have chicks inside from Cackle that are in isolation after being mailed, as well as 3 incubators of eggs waiting to hatch. Due to my... egg-aquiring opportunities, this will be a staggered...
  14. E

    Anyone have Dove Eggs for sale?

    Hi! So I was looking around for some dove eggs to incubate, however I couldn’t find any. (I understand some don’t ship it due to how fragile the eggs are) Does anyone have any Dove Eggs they can send over? We are hoping for a basically completely white ringneck dove, or I guess any white dove...
  15. Jadeann123

    Hello. First time with eggs. He/she pipped. Need some advice

    Hey everyone, first I want to thank everyone who asked or answered questions about duck eggs. I learned alot, made an incubator, waited 25 days and I just got my first external pip!!!! The first set of eggs I got was from ebay (which was a big mistake only 1 out of 10 made it). But the one that...
  16. Marie-in-SD

    Hatching eggs in a Marek's exposed environment

    I hope you guys can help me make the right decisions here. My little flock (currently 13 hens of all breeds and one rooster) have been exposed to Marek's and are almost certainly carriers (I have lost several chickens in the past few years). The remaining flock was vaccinated when they were...
  17. C

    Need to purchase eggs

    Hello! We live in Metamora, IL. My daughter has an immune system disorder and cannot eat chicken eggs. Her doctor said it is worth trying quail eggs. We are zoned ag and can raise quail IF we can determine she can eat them. Is there anyone local we can purchase some eggs from to determine if she...
  18. JMBer2c

    Hatching turkey eggs

    Our turkey laid 7 eggs and has been sitting on them now for about 9 days. We estimate that should hatch at the earliest June 1st. My question is, she’s in a chicken yard with 7 other chickens and our Tom. Should we just fence off the area around her or should we remove the chicks as they’re...
  19. Kris5902

    Size for chicken hatching eggs?

    I’m going to do a hatch! I’m collecting my own eggs for the first time ever, and was wondering about the sizes. I’ve got some red hyline layers that are 1 1/2 years old laying 70-100g eggs, I’m keeping the best of the 70-80g ones. My Marans has only been laying for 2 1/2 months, but I really...
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