1. C

    Lively egg turned ...dead???

    Hi, (a bit of background) I recently found a clutch of eggs hidden in the yard (had undergone a few 40°c days and obviously started incubation outside) and brought them into the incubator. I lost a bit from the extreme temperatures however we’re nearing hatch day. yesterday I had a chicken...
  2. TopazMaster91

    OEGB - broodiness, personality, egg-laying, maturity?

    I have (among other bantams and LF) a self-blue OEGB girl who is roughly 15 weeks old, and after scouring these forums for information, I've finally given in and created this thread specifically to ask OEGB keepers for some information: Roughly when do the pullets mature and start laying eggs...
  3. chickenbritt5908

    Floor eggs?

    My bantam pullet has randomly started laying her eggs on the floor of the coop. I’ve read that newly laying pullets will do that, or if there isn’t enough, clean litter in the nesting boxes. But this girl has been laying for months and I just put clean bedding in the boxes. Seems really random...
  4. M

    Muscovy sexual maturity?

    Hi all! I have a lovely muscovy girl and I'm not sure when she will be laying. All my other ducks and chickens have just started within the past couple weeks with supplemental light. My muscovy doesn't have very prominent cornucles at all but they are very red. She gets excited and follows...
  5. CoveChickens

    New member!

    Hello all, I just joined as I've been lurking and reading here for months! I am new to chickens and I am also a Nigerian Goat owner since early summer 2019. My chickens are a little over 7 months old and I am patiently awaiting my first egg!! I sure hope it's any day now!! We live in CT so...
  6. M

    How to determine who is laying?

    Hello again I'm back at it with my wacky questions! So I have 4 ducks, a runner, silver appleyard, muscovy, and magpie/pekin (we think?), how can I tell who is laying based on behavior or looks rather than picking them up and feeling pelvic bones? I don't like to have to chase after them and...
  7. M

    Fertile Eggs Vs. Chicks??

    So I have a flock, and it seems healthy with birds at 14, 18, and 22 weeks old. In the spring I want to add a few, and some 25-50 Rock Cornish perhaps. More than one batch over the spring is likely so we and our neighbor get 50 each for the freezer(s). What are the reasons I would want...
  8. Gypsy77

    Peacocks Anyone?

    So, my aunt is rasing Peafowls (peacocks), well I decided I'd like to try. I've never really eaten one, but the eggs are great! So I have to ask, anyone else have peafowls that they sell or raise? I thought about going into that business now.
  9. RedWagonCoop

    Chicken Tractor Coop - Self-Sustaining

    My wife has always wanted to raise chickens so last year when an opportunity to purchase a home with 2 acres came along we jumped on it. We also had a pole barn constructed which left us with plenty of scrap lumber and metal panels. At first I wasn't fully convinced that I could build this...
  10. Store Eggs vs. Farm Eggs

    Store Eggs vs. Farm Eggs

    This article was originally a poster I made for 4H, but then I decided to make it into an article so others can enjoy it. It took a long time, but I finally finished, so here it is. I added in more information, and kept most of the old ideas too. This was my poster. After further research, I...
  11. Eggs In Straw

    Eggs In Straw

  12. cibula11

    Should I reconsider?

    We finally have fertilized eggs from our rooster. I'd love to start incubating but obviously heading into winter makes me nervous. Should I just remain patient and wait till spring or is it a good idea to start incubating them now?
  13. SoftSilkie

    What type of eggs do you like best?

    Hi, I am making an article about store eggs vs. farm eggs, and I am wondering what type of eggs everyone likes, and some of the best brands. I'm guessing that most people on BYC use eggs from their own backyard, but if you have to use eggs from the store (like if most your chickens are molting...
  14. BestDiscoMan13

    What's the best egg laying chicken breed?

    What's the best chicken breed for egg production? I want a fantastic egg laying chicken that has a long lifespan that lays alot of eggs, I would also like it not to eat much food so it's easy to feed. Any idea what kind of chicken breed would be good for me?
  15. Momplus1

    Any ideas on "Which Pullet is Laying" Pic of Egg Included

    I have five pullets that are 2 days shy from being 23 weeks old. The flock consists of 2 SLWyandotte's, 2 Barred Rocks, and 1 Buff Orpington. I know the 2 Barred Rocks are laying because they squat. The other 3 do not squat. Today, I had THREE EGGS in the nesting box. I checked the nesting box...
  16. Ladies-Eight

    Mealworms To Raise

    I am a firm believer in needing to raise my own mealworms as related to the price of dried ones. My husband and I were talking the other day and he informed me he would be using the mealworms when he goes fishing. I decided that I needed to order more mealworms toad to my farm. Exotic...
  17. C

    6 healthy, 1 year old layer hens need a good home, SF Bay Area

    We love our ladies, but we are blessed to be having a second child and it's turned out to be too much work for us to handle our next transition! Beautiful hens, healthy, all good layers, fed all organic feed since we raised them from chicks. Pickup or delivery if you're close. We live just...
  18. Pennys Mama

    Are these guinea eggs normal?

    These eggs are from the same guinea hen, she's just over 20 weeks old. These are her 1st three eggs. The larger one was her 1st, then 2 days later the middle one, then today the tiny round one. Is there something that I need to do or give her that'll fix her eggs? The first one is the only one...
  19. cmspivey

    New Member Introduction Post!

    Well, here goes it... My initial post! I'm Carlis! I'm not technically new to chickens, but I am new to ducklings! I have three eggs currently... Sadly, I think only one of them may be alive and well, though... We'll find out within the next few days! They're all Khaki Campbell x Pekin ducks...
  20. FathertoFeathers

    Why am I not getting more eggs

    I have 5 female ducks (2 Rouen and Muscovy and 1 fawn and white runner) but am only getting 2 eggs a day. I’ve done the finger test where you see how many fingers can can fit in between their pelvic bone and they can all fit three or more. So my question is why aren’t they laying? They have...
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