9 roos out of 15 chicks

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    May 25, 2015
    I have no experience with bantams, only standard breeds. I have ordered online from 3 diff hatcheries the last 3 years, always order pullets and I always get at least one room and one order ended up with 3 roos. I have always questioned the straight run orders being filled. I have watched a few utube videos of a couple of the hatcheries have, one video shows the hatch tray full of chicks being dumped onto a conveyer belt through order filling. I recommend watching it. I guess not all hatcheries work the same way.
    Bty, I incubated 32 eggs, 18 hatched, 1 died 24 hrs......ended with 2 pullets n 15 roos so my straight run was not 50/50. I think that term is a basic way to say buyer beware
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    I think you are right
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    I hate odds. That's why I never gamble. You know what else I hate? When your 50% odds that you have a Cockerel turn out to be 50% out of 100,000 chicks. And you just have 6 chicks.:rant
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    I hatched 9. Got 9 roos. Yeah. <sigh>
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