9 Week old Pullet, was she picked till bleeding by other birds?


8 Years
Oct 24, 2011
Last week I went out and purchased a mixture of 8 pullets, 2 each Aricana, Buffinton, Rhode Island Reds, and Ausilogs (I think..) plus one 6 week old Rooster, (light beige color, breed unknown but probably a Buffinton.)

Anyway, They seem to have been getting along nicely, but a few hours ago I went to let them out of the coop into the run for a few hours and one had a terribly bleeding rear end with about 2" circle of bare bleeding skin around her bottom. I did not witness any picking on her, but once isolated (I let all the other Chicklettes out, but kept her in) the bleeding has stopped. She is bare-butted, but not actively bleeding, and I've applied powdered,medical grade, bentonite clay to her skin.

So, What do I do? Just keep her separated? Give her a new home right away? Am I underfeeding the Pullets and they went after her for food? Is it the Rooster? (even though he is so tiny!?..)

Any ideas on how to diagnose this behavior?


5 Years
Feb 27, 2014
In my coop with my chicks!
Ummm.... I'm not sure exactly but I'm sure it was the others picking on her. You have done all you need to do but if you don't want to have it happen again you could always re-home her. I don't think it's nessesary unless it keeps happening.


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Apr 18, 2014
GA Chicken Rancher
I separate just to alleviate infection from ground poop and further damage. Once reintroduced, they will probably leave her alone. Its sorta like child bullies, once they see an area to attack, all then join in and peck that location. Heal the area and they find somewhere or someone else to peck. Sounds like a pecking order that she may be at the bottom of. some of mine are just plain bald with no tail feathers.
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